Have A Love Affair With Your Mailbox

Several years ago, I developed an irrational fear of my mailbox. At the time I was struggling through severe financial difficulties, and it seemed like each day’s mail delivery brought new “horrors” in the form of mounting bills, late notices, shut-off notices, and general bad news.

Eventually I learned how to turn that trend around and begin attracting greater prosperity into my life, but I was surprised to discover one day that I still clenched up in fear and anxiety every time I went to check the mail – or even walked past my mailbox! By this time I was well-versed in the power of the Law of Attraction when it comes to abundance, so I knew that my waves of mail-related anxiety weren’t serving me – in fact, they threatened to send me right back to the Land of Lack!

I decided it was time to have a “love affair” with my mailbox.

Each morning when I awoke, I’d visualize my mailbox bursting with checks, gifts, and good news. I’d imagine myself feeling lighthearted and happy as I went to check the mail, and jumping excitedly up and down as I received my abundance each day.

Before I went to check the mail each day, I’d be sure to get myself into a state of joy and enthusiasm for the “goodies” that would be delivered that day – even if I wasn’t sure what the day’s mail would hold. I made sure NEVER to check the mail when I was feeling tired, irritable or lack-focused in any way.

The result? It was like a tidal wave of goodness came crashing into my mailbox! I started receiving unexpected checks, rebates, free gifts from companies I had purchased from before, and so on. I even received an unexpected refund from my insurance company because I had overpaid without knowing it!

All of this great stuff just came rushing forth because I altered the energy I was emitting regarding my mailbox. Rather than attracting negative things, I began attracting more positive things – even things I couldn’t possibly have imagined!

Has your mailbox developed an ominous aura too? Do you cringe when you reach for your mail, worrying about the latest “horrors” that await you?

It’s time to turn the tides of lack into a tidal wave of prosperity!

Here’s how to do it:

1) First, as described above, begin visualizing your mailbox holding only GREAT stuff! Imagine receiving unexpected checks and gifts in the mail, and feeling calm and confident about any bills you receive. Know that you always have enough money to pay them. Create a warm glow of peacefulness and joy when it comes to your mailbox. Do this every day until you no longer feel anxious or fearful about what the mail will bring.

2) Before you go check the mail each day, be sure to get yourself into a state of high, strong, positive emotion. Generate feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, and love. Allow yourself to feel calm, peaceful and confident that the mail will hold only good things each day.

3) If you do happen to receive something negative (like a collection notice or a bill you can’t pay yet), be SURE to stay CALM about it. Simply affirm that it will all work out for the best, you will have the money to pay your bills on time, and so on. Avoid investing any negative emotional energy to what you don’t want (more lack)! Stay with your positive emotions, no matter how much willpower it might require at the beginning.

4) It’s also helpful to open “gateways” through which prosperity can enter your life, if possible. As I described above, the universe can find plenty of ways to deliver greater prosperity into your life, both expected and unexpected! However, your results may be quicker if you take action to help the process along. Possible gateways might include: buying a lottery ticket, applying for a better job, entering contests, sending in rebate requests for recent purchases, and so on.

5) Give it time to work. Remember that you’re constantly experiencing a residual effect of your previous thoughts, emotions, and expectations so don’t be surprised if this process takes a few days to turn around. However, know that it CAN turn around immediately too! It all depends on the intensity of positive energy and belief you devote to it.

Remember, what you focus on EXPANDS! The more positive thoughts and emotions you can direct toward your mailbox – or any area of your 일본야구중계 life – the more positive results you’re going to see there.

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